Cashless payment

Cashless payment

As of the 2017/18 season, cashless payment has been made available for matchday and season-ticket holders in all home sections. We also offer the option to quickly top up your cashless account online.

Registering isn't necessary, with all season tickets featuring an integrated cashless chip, while matchday tickets are sold together with a cashless card.

You can continue to pay with cash at the stadium, though you are likely to experience longer waiting times. Fan merchandise stands will continue to accept only cash and card payments, i.e. cashless payment is not possible.


What is a cashless card?

This card allows you to make purchases in an enclosed system (at the stadium), much like a credit or debit card. The card contains an RFID chip, which can be topped up with credit to be used at the various kioks.

What is the minimum/maximum top-up amount?

You must top up at least €5, and top-ups can be made in intervals of €5 (e.g. €10, €15 etc.).

No card can carry more than €200 for adults and reduced-price ticket holders, while cards for children under 15 can top up a maximum of €50.

How do I top up online?

Follow this link and enter your cashless number. This number can be found on every season and matchday ticket.

You will then be automatically forwarded to the cashless payment area, where you will be able to top up using PayPal.

Can I withdraw credit online?

No, that is not currently possible. Withdrawing credit can be done at the clearing points (in front of each section).

How can I pay when topping up online?

Topping up online is currently only possible via PayPal (which can be linked to credit and debit cards). Further payment methods will be introduced in the near future.

Do I have to top up online?

No. You can top up your card at the relevant service points and can use it for purchasing immediately. No fee or deposit is necessary. 

You can also top up at the Hauptkasse (main ticket office) at the Stadionvorplatz using cash, credit or debit card during its usual opening hours.

How do I use my card at the stadium?

Simply place it on the card reader at the till. Be sure to double check the amount on the display, confirm, and you're done! The confirmed amount will be debited from yout credit.

If your remaining credit isn't quite enough, you can pay the difference in cash.

How do I obtain a cashless card?

You can order one when purchasing your tickets for €15 (€5 deposit and €10 credit).

On matchdays, you can purchase cashless cards at the clearing points for a €5 deposit. On non-matchdays, cashless cards will also be availabale at the Hauptkasse (main ticket office) and at the Red Bull Shop at Neumarkt. Topping up at the clearing points can be done using cash, debit or credit card (VISA, MasterCard).

When ordering your cashless card with your tickets, please bear in mind that delivery can take between seven and ten days. We cannot guarantee delivery of your cashless card in time for matchday if ordered at short notice.

Can the cashless card be used for different games?

Yes. The cashless card is not restricted to certain games and can be used at all home matches for the 2017/18 season.

Can I give my cashless card to someone else?

Yes. You can simply pass it on to another stadium visitor.

Can I return my cashless card?

Yes. You can return your card at clearing points along the stadium wall or - between 10:00 and 18:00 CET Monday to Saturday - at the Hauptkasse (main ticket office). Your €5 deposit will be returned to you.

What happens if my card is damaged?

It is important to look after your card carefully, but shout your card become damaged or defect, you can replace it for a new one. You will not lose your credit. If your card goes missing or is stolen, you are required to contact us immediately and have your card suspended, in order to prevent any unwarranted use of it.

If you have any issues or questions regarding the cashless card, please head to the service points at the stadium. There, you will have to chance to see every top-up and withdrawal that has taken place. Each card has a unique idenfitication code, which can be used to identify you and link your data with your season ticket, should you be a holder.

What are the benefits of cashless payment?

 RBL cashless payment is a time saver at the kiosks, reducing queuing and service time. It's a worry-free, safe and transparent payment method, and means you do not have to take cash with you to the stadium.

What happens to my personal data?

The latest technology and encryption algorithms are incorporated into the system to provide security for your personal information and credit. At RB Leipzig, reliability and data security are of the utmost importance. Naturally, we comply with all the necessary data protection regulations.

Cashless points at the stadium (click to zoom)


Who do I contact for further information?

If you have any other questions regarding cashless payment, please contact our service team. They are available between 10:00 and 18:00 CET from Monday to Friday, and between 10:00 and 14:00 CET on Saturdays.

Cashless payment T&Cs apply. You can read them here, or at the Hauptkasse (main ticket office) at the Stadionvorplatz and at the RB Leipzig offices (Neumarkt 29-33, 04109 Leipzig).