RB Leipzig is planning for the home game against Mainz to go ahead with spectators

Location-specific agreement permits approximately 8,500 fans to attend the home game against Mainz | The city of Leipzig’s public health department authorised the event on Tuesday

Returning to games with spectators! RB Leipzig plans to allow spectators to attend the first home game of the season against 1. FSV Mainz 05 on 20 September.


A location-specific agreement has been made with the city of Leipzig's public health department, which will allow an attendance of approximately 8,500 fans in the spectator and hospitality sections of the Red Bull Arena. The newly developed concept and its intentions are being supported among others by the DFL (German Football League), other clubs and Saxony's state government.


RB Leipzig developed the location-specific concept under regular consultation with the DFL and following extensive talks, a decision to implement the concept was reached. A decisive factor for the implementation remains at all times the regional levels of infection, which must be constantly reassessed in close correspondence with the public health department of the city of Leipzig.

New protection measures against the coronavirus came into effect in Saxony on 1 September. On Tuesday, the proposal was approved by the public health department of the city of Leipzig on the basis of the new regulations, the associated implementation provisions and the hygiene concept for home games.


RB Leipzig's hygiene concept contains the following two key features:
Upon entering the stadium, it is mandatory to wear a mask covering both the mouth and nose.

• The concept intends for travel among spectators to be kept to a mininum and as local as possible. With this in mind, match tickets will be issued following a raffle exclusively among "Dauerkarte Plus" 2020/21 season ticket holders whose home address is in Saxony. With each ticket allocation, the seven-day new infection rate is to be observed in the respective areas. If the new infection rate in any given person's local area excedes 20 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, that person will not be eligible for a ticket.

• Season ticket holders from neighbouring states, Saxony-Anhalt, Brandenburg and Thuringia, will not be allowed to attend the stadium to start with. Supporters' respective addresses will be taken from the one specified in the RBL ticket system. Identity checks will be carried out randomly.

Another basis for the agreement is the further developed medical hygiene worker protection concept, as outlined by the DFL and DFB's sports medicine/extraordinary circumstances task force for the 2020/21 season.

• At the DFL's extraordinary shareholders meeting on Thursday (3 September), the 36 professional clubs will vote on whether the revised version of the concept will be fixed as the procedure for DFL's match organisation, and thereby become statuatory.

• The concept provides the guidelines for strict hygiene regulations, regular tests, constant monitoring and appropriately adjusted organisational procedures for games and training sessions. In contrast to the previous version, the guidelines have beethree levels of pandemic activity, particularly concerning the organisation surrounding games and the tests.


The following points regarding the carrying out of games were defined at the DFL's virtual general meeting on 4 August, which will be valid until at least 31 December:
1. No away fans
2. No standing section spectators
3. No alcohol will be served (initially until end of October 2020)
4. It is mandatory to provide identity and contact details in case of an infection in connection with the respective home game, in order to stop the chain of infection as early and as effectively as possible.


Oliver Mintzlaff
CEO RB Leipzig:

  • "We are pleased that we can take a step towards normality with this decision. We would like to thank the DFL, the state government, the health authorities and the city of Leipzig for agreeing to the hygiene concept. We were and still are in close contact with everyone involved and we have discussed a detailed concept.
    We are aware of the trust the authorities have placed in us and we will act responsibly with it. The current rate of infection as well as new developments will always impact our plans from here on.
    We have been making sure we are prepared for the return of fans in grounds and now we can plan for some to actually return. The main reason that has allowed us to do this is the low infection rate in Saxony. Obviously we hope there will be a regulation introduced for the whole of Germany - although this is also dependent on the varying infection rates. The health of the population is still the most important thing."

Michael Kretschmer
Minister Preisdent of Saxony:

  • "RB Leipzig put a lot of thought into having fans back in their stadium. They have shown what's possible with their clever hygiene concept. The Saxony government supports this plan. In corona times, we need creative solutions. Thanks to people taking responsibility in Saxony, many more things are possible in comparison to other states. We want to continue what we're doing here in Saxony."

Burkhard Jung
Lord Mayor of Leipzig:

  • "We wanted to get a bit of normality back with this decision. We are well aware that the pandemic is nowhere near over. Nevertheless, people should be able to get back their day-to-day lives where it's possible and under strict regulations."

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