RBLZ Gaming: RB Leipzig's new esports team

RB Leipzig revamp their esports branch with RBLZ Gaming | Focus of the team is EA Sports' FIFA video game series | Richard Hormes is captain of the team

A new direction! RB Leipzig are making a change to their esports department with the launch of “RBLZ Gaming”.

The Roten Bullen have been active in Esports since 2017 with the focus on EA Sports’ football simulation game “FIFA”, but, with the club’s new direction, the special RBL philosophy of developing young talent will now also take centre stage in virtual football.

RB Leipzig präsentiert sein neues eSports-Team. Mit RBLZ Gaming gehen wir den nächsten Schritt, um auch auf dem virtuellen Rasen voll durchzustarten!

+++ The Team +++

The team is made up of four players – the “REBELZ” - and is led by esports coach Daniel Fehr. They will compete in both the Virtual Bundesliga (VBL) and in international FIFA 21 tournaments.

It’s a young side that is hungry for success. Alongside experienced player Richard Hormes (27) are two top talents, Umut Gültekin (17) and Anders Vejrgang (14). The team is completed by Lena Güldenpfennig (19), who plays for the RBL women and will be the first woman to compete in the Virtual Bundesliga.

Head to to find out more about our team and individual players.

Richard Hormes, aka "Der_Gaucho10"
Lena Güldenpfennig is the first female in the VBL!

+++ Naming +++

The name “RBLZ” comes from the club name “RB Leipzig” (RB LeipZig) and thus incorporates the club and city.

Alongside the new name and new Esports team, RBLZ Gaming (pronounced Rebelz) will line up with a new look and logo as well as their own social media channels.


Hot prospect Anders Vejrgang.
Umut Gültekin is one of the best players in Germany!

+++ Aims +++

RB Leipzig wants to work in close cooperation with Red Bull Gaming regarding “FIFA” and together with the community to further develop in the long term.

Regarding esports, the focus will immediately turn to promoting young and promising talent in order to be able to support their development comprehensively and in a targeted manner.

RB Leipzig’s expertise in real football will be carried over to the development of the virtual football world so that Esports can also profit from targeted scouting and high-quality training with the best training partners.

Don't doubt. Dare!

+++ Professional environment +++

A "Home of eSports" will be set up in the Red Bull Arena for RBLZ Gaming, allowing out players to play the virtual games at the same location as the players on the field. 


Matthias Reichwald
Chief Commercial Officer RB Leipzig:

  • "We consider Esports to be a fundamental part of the future, which is why virtual football will now take an even more central role at RB Leipzig. Gaming and live streaming have been a key part of young people’s daily lives for a long time. A great new form of sporting competition has been created through the increasing development of the Esports industry. This also offers exciting and innovative possibilities for many of our partners.

    We’re a young club that is developing dynamically, and it’s so important that we take the next generation with us on our journey. Through Esports, we want children and young people to get excited about RB Leipzig and we want to get our values across to them. That’s why our new focus is firmly geared towards promoting young talent in Esports. We want to uncover the best young prospects and support their development so that we can celebrate successes together in virtual football too.”
These are the Rebelz. This is RBLZ Gaming. This is the new esports team of RB Leipzig

Das Spiel in der Hand!

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