"We want to be as successful as possible!"

Julian Nagelsmann ahead of the massive Bundesliga clash with Eintracht Frankfurt | Marcel Sabitzer back from suspension | RBL remain without Angelino

Big game in the Bundesliga! We take on Eintracht Frankfurt on match day 25 of the Bundesliga. Our opponents are the most successful Bundesliga team so far in 2021. Kick-off at the Red Bull Arena is set for 15.30 CET on Sunday.

Ahead of the top of the table clash, RB Leipzig head coach Julian Nagelsmann gave a virtual press conference to discuss the game.

Julian Nagelsmann on ...

...Eintracht Frankfurt:

  • "Frankfurt are in the Champions League places for a reason. I would say that their success is comparable to ours right now. They have a defined structure and show a lot of emotion out on the pitch. They have a good mix of physicality and desire to play football. On top of that, Filip Kostic is in outstanding form, Silva guarantees goals and Luca Jovic is a massive influence just as he was before. They set up well at the back, they are really compact and defend differently from game to game. Sometimes they sit deep, sometimes they go man-to-man. That makes them hard to predict and creates challenges for other teams.

    With Adi Hüter they have one of the best coaches around, but one who still hasn’t won in Leipzig. He is open in his assessments which provides additional motivation. It will definitely be an interesting game between two good teams. This is what we are focusing on now!”

...positive energy from the defeat:

  • "The disappointment after going out of the Champions League is obviously noticeable. That’s normal though, it’s understandable and we will keep going. At first glance, it’s tough to take any positives from a defeat. More things went against us than we’d hoped. But Liverpool are a world-class team with unbelievably good players who made it hard to play our game. They were clinical in both games to knock us down in a short space of time.

    We can’t change the fact that we are out so we are turning our full attention to the games that we have left in the Bundesliga and in the DFB-Pokal. We want to be as successful as possible in these competitions. Our ultimate aim is to make the cup final in Berlin and secure qualification for the Champions League again. We are taking positive energy from those aims.”

...lessons learned from last season:

  • "We’ve been able to learn our lesson from the second half of last season, when we didn’t get points so consistently. We let the players relax too much, we didn’t train enough and didn’t discuss the details enough. We didn’t do nothing but we could have done more. We discuss things more often now and even if it’s tiring for the players, it’s an opportunity to keep developing.

    At this point of last season, our transitional play wasn’t good enough. We started some good movements but then something would go wrong in the final third. This year we have rotated more, taken better care of the players workloads and started sharing the burden. So far we have come through the season with that freshness that you need and we seem less tired in matches. The boys are doing really well right now and it doesn’t feel like we will suffer the same fate as last year. Instead we will remain consistent.”

...the gameplan:

  • "The gameplan ahead of a second leg in which you have to take the lead can’t be compared with that of a Bundesliga game. But when teams in the league pose a similar question, we want to react better so that we can  get into dangerous areas quicker and more often. Against Liverpool we had a lot of possession but 99% of that was in our own third of the pitch.That means that you’re not posting any threat on goal. We want to do better than that in the league!”

...our Champions League:

  • "Looking at the goal difference, you can see pretty quickly that we conceded too many goals. But we played in a group against huge, ambitious teams like Paris Saint Germain and Manchester United. We got through and deserved to reach the last 16. It was really impressive how my boys fought in the group stage and stood up to the pressure. That’s something that I really rate about this team.

    As a young club you have to be satisfied with any Champions League season. It’s obviously a good sign when players, coaches and the club in general want more. That’s how you develop further. We got knocked out by a world-class team but we will definitely take confidence from being able to beat the best teams!” signing Brian Brobbey:

  • ""Brian is a huge talent and we are very happy that he will play for RB Leizig from this summer! He is physically very strong, he poses a threat on goal and also has some technical quality about him! Young, talented strikers are always highly sought after. When this opportunity presented itself we started discussions very quickly and made the decision to sign him.

    He has already featured for the Ajax first-team, he has scored his first goals but obviously as a young player there is still room to improve. But his work ethic is good and we want to take the next steps together with him!”

+++ Squad Update +++

  • Captain Marcel Sabitzer returns after his ban.
  • Angelino will be unavailable for the Eintracht Frankfurt match.

Warm up for the match!

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