Motorola becomes an official partner of RB Leipzig

The partnership offers the telecommunications company visibility, logo and naming rights usage, joint media activities, content formats and product placements.

Motorola Germany are a new partner of RB Leipzig! Ahead of the big Bundesliga clash against FC Bayern, the telecommunications company and the Bulls have agreed to work together. The contract was signed in the Red Bull Arena by Oliver Mintzlaff (CEO of RB Leipzig) and Björn Simski (Director and Managing Director of Motorola Germany).

The partnership will offer Motorola visibility as well as traditional usage of logo and naming rights, joint media activities, content formats and product placements. During the various activations, Motorola will look to highlight people who are not on the pitch, but are equally important for the RB Leipzig journey. This will therefore allow the RBL success story to also become well known among Motorola's target market.

Oliver Mintzlaff,
CEO, RB Leipzig:

  • "RB Leipzig's journey has seen us write a number of big and small success stories and steadily establish ourselves at the top - especially off the pitch. Our partnership with Motorola has seen us connect with a new reputable partner, with the same ambitions as us. We are hoping for many synergy effects and we're pleased with the commitment made by both parties. It's even more important to form strong partnerships during times like this with the ongoing pandemic."


Björn Simski,
Director and Managing Director, Motorola Germany:

  • "RB Leipzig have not just achieved some extraordinary feats in few years, but also impressively shown that innovation, motivation and sheer desire can be successful against strong competition. We have similar ambitions in Germany - we've put together a strong team in the past few months and now we're ready for our own success story at Motorola."


Chong-Won Lim
Head of Marketing, Motorola Germany:

  • "We want to tell the stories off the pitch, before and after the game, to demonstrate how important these tasks are that give the players the best possible conditions perform to their full potential."

Company info:

Motorola Mobility LLC was taken over by Lenovo Group Holdings in 2015. Motorola Mobility is a wholly owned subsidiary of Lenovo and is responsible for the development and production of all mobile devices under the brands Moto and Motorola.

Motorola are considered a pioneer in their field. Among other things, they were responsible for the smooth communication between the astronauts and the Earth during the first moon landing, letting the whole world in on a special moment. Motorola invented most of the protocols and technology that led to mobile communication as we know it today. That includes the very first car radios, the first mobile, the first flip phone - the world famous moto razr - and the first smart phone capable of 5G. Today, Motorola combine their pioneering spirit with new projects, in order to provide consumers with devices all around the world, which will improve their lives due to the mobility of their technology.

Lenovo is a Fortune 500 company valued at 50 billion US dollars. They employ around 63,000 people in 180 different markets around the world. The company's vision is to provide "intelligent technology" for everyone, in order to create an integrative, reliable and sustainable digital society. As part of that, they are designing and developing their worldwide portfolio in intelligent devices and infrastructures.


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