Motorola becomes official supplier of RBLZ Gaming

Motorola will provide the RBL eSports team with selected smartphones and will accompany the "RBLZ on their way to success"

Motorola are the new official supplier of RBLZ Gaming, RB Leizpig's FIFA eSports team. The telecommunications company have been an official partner of RBL since 3rd April 2021, and have now extended this partnership to include eSports. 

Motorola will provide the RBLZ Gaming team with selected smartphones, as well as having the rights to both logos and names. Additionally, the two partners are planning on producing joint content pieces by which Motorola - already an official partner of RB Leipzig - are looking to highlight people. 

RB Leipzig have been active in the gaming world since August 2017, focusing on EA Sports' FIFA game. The club are looking to continue competing in this area in the years to come, having launched the RBLZ Gaming team in September 2020. The team operates under RBL's philosophy of developing talent, providing the optimal conditions to do so virtually as well. 

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The team have enjoyed much success this season, winning the title in the Virtual Bundesliga's (VBL) South-East division and reaching the semi-finals of the VBL Club Championship. Umut Gültekin was also namd Germany's eFootballer of the Year

Gaming has seen an enormous surge in popularity, with mobile gaming expected to follow suit. Motorola and RB Leipzig are looking to reach a new target audience with their partnership. Fans of mobile gaming should look no further than the new moto g100 and the 'Ready for' platform. 

RBLZ Gaming: A young and successful team looking to take the next step, together with Motorola!

Evelyn Holderbach,
Director Sales & Business Development, RB Leipzig:

  • "RB Leipzig, in close cooperation with Red Bull Gaming, want to fully cover FIFA and everything that falls under this topic, as well as continue to develop this community in the future. With Motorola as the official supplier of RBLZ Gaming, we know that we have a strong partner at our sides, one that can support us with our technology set-up and help push us to innovate. 

    We are confident that this area of interest will continue to envoke both growth and interest at the club level and will be an important digital offering for our young target markets and amongst fans with an affinity for gaming. We launched RBLZ Gaming ahead of the season and are competing with a young, ambitious team with a lot of individual talent, but that also work extremely well as a team." 


Chong-Won Lim,
Head of Marketing Motorola Deutschland:

  • "Motorola will take its level of engagment in Germany to a new level this year and forge new pathways of communication. Motorola want to build their brand as storytellers, by investing in the exciting storylines provided by people, teams and dreams in which technology and innovation play a key role, both on and off the pitch, no matter if real or virtual. With RBLZ Gaming, we want to show how important the behind the scenes work is, in order for these athletes to perform to the best of their abilities." 

The perfect technology for the virtual challenge:

Motorola's new 'Ready for' platform, together with the new moto g100, creates the perfect partnership between the most powerful smartphone and an extension for big screen or TV gaming. A 6.7" CinemaVision display and 9Hz display refresh rate in 21:9 aspect ratio provide vivid, lifelike colours with outstanding brightness and contrast. 

The built-in GPU loads in-game graphics in ultra-fast speed, while the processor with Qualcomm® Snapdragon Elite Gaming™ features allows for maximum realistic graphics and lightning-fast speed. Additionally, Motorola's exclusive Gametime features provide practical optimizations for gaming, such as preventing incoming calls or notifications from interfering with the game. Thanks to the 'Ready for' platform, you can also enjoy this gaming experience on your TV at home with a wireless controller, if desired. 


Company info:


Motorola Mobility LLC was taken over by Lenovo Group Holdings in 2015. Motorola Mobility is a wholly owned subsidiary of Lenovo and is responsible for the development and production of all mobile devices under the brands Moto and Motorola.

Motorola are considered a pioneer in their field. Among other things, they were responsible for the smooth communication between the astronauts and the Earth during the first moon landing, letting the whole world in on a special moment. Motorola invented most of the protocols and technology that led to mobile communication as we know it today. That includes the very first car radios, the first mobile, the first flip phone - the world famous moto razr - and the first smart phone capable of 5G. Today, Motorola combine their pioneering spirit with new projects, in order to provide consumers with devices all around the world, which will improve their lives due to the mobility of their technology.



Lenovo is a Fortune 500 company valued at 50 billion US dollars. They employ around 63,000 people in 180 different markets around the world. The company's vision is to provide "intelligent technology" for everyone, in order to create an integrative, reliable and sustainable digital society. As part of that, they are designing and developing their worldwide portfolio in intelligent devices and infrastructures.


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