Double interview with Halste and Klosti

Marcel Halstenberg and Lukas Klostermann look back on their first weeks at RB Leipzig in a double interview. The pair also speaks about their journey with the club and why there is absolutely no reason whatsoever to get them confused with one another.

A walk in the park (literally) with Marcel Halstenberg and Lukas Klostermann.  

Our two fullbacks do share a number of similarities, and not just in their appearance. "If this question comes up I’m quitting the interview," joked Halste, when the pair was asked why people get them mixed up. Naturally, for the two players in question, such confusion is entirely incomprehensible. "To all fans out there: I’ve got ginger hair, a ginger beard, and freckles – Klosti quite clearly doesn’t," he said with a smile.

One thing our defensive stalwart can’t dispute, however, is that he and Klosti have a similar journey behind them. Marcel came to RB Leipzig from FC St. Pauli in 2015. Lukas one year before that from VfL Bochum. Starting in the second division, the pair have fought their way into the Bundesliga with RBL, finished second in their first top-flight season, reached the DFB-Pokal final and most recently competed in the semi-final of the Champions League against PSG. 

Their performances along the way did not go unnoticed by the public eye, nor by Germany national team head coach Joachim Löw: Both Bulls are now an integral part of the Germany squad. 


Lukas Klostermann:

Going from the second division to the Champions League semi-final in such a short time - that’s not something many players manage in their careers - or indeed many clubs manage in their history. I am happy and proud to have been part of this unique story. Our journey is not complete yet either, maybe we’ll get even further in the years to come. 


Marcel Halstenberg joined RB Leipzig from St. Pauli in 2015/16 and has played 154 games for RBL since.
Lukas Klostermann moved to Leipzig in 2014 and now has 169 appearances under his belt.


On Saturday, this journey continues in Nürnberg, with the first competitive game of 2020/21: The DFB-Pokal first round. 

In an interview with Bullen.TV, Halste and Klosti talk about their personal aims and the club’s goals for the season ahead. The duo also share a number of funny anecdotes about their early days at RB Leipzig and why, once and for all, there are NO EXCUSES for getting them mixed up.
Doppel-Interview mit Marcel Halstenberg und Lukas Klostermann

Die neue Saison kann starten!

Klosti verlängert bis 2024

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