Reaction to defeat in Gladbach

Julian Nagelsmann, Alexander Sørloth, Benjamin Henrichs and Péter Gulácsi give their reactions to the 1-0 loss

Julian Nagelsmann:

  • "Both teams were more cautious than they may usually have been. In the first half, we were deeper than we planned but we defended quite well and didn't allow any clear chances. The game felt like a draw, but unfortunately we lost. The team who scored the first goal always has the better hand in a game like this and that was Gladbach today. Looking at the stats, we were the better side. 
    In the first 15 minutes of the second half we weren't structured enough. After that we put them under a lot of pressure and had some great goalscoring chances. Marcel Sabitzer's was a great chance but unfortunately it didn't end in a goal.
    Overall we didn't create enough pressure on the opposition over 90 minutes and lost possession too many times via too many long balls. But there are worse things than losing to Gladbach. They are a good team with a good coach and good style of play. We have to look ahead and we're looking forward to facing another great team in PSG at home on Wednesday."

Alexander Sørloth: 

  • "Generally we played well. In the final third and in front of the opposition goal we have to do better and be more effective, and create clearer chances. It is only the small things that we need to work on. Defeats are not nice, but they happen. We will learn from it and come back stronger."

Péter Gulácsi:

  • "It was a balanced game and there wasn't a big difference between the two sides. At either end of the pitch, there was not a huge amount of clear chances. Both teams were lacking a little bit of sharpness but that's just the way it is at the moment. It's not just us who have to go through this amount of games - so do our opponents. 

    One goal lost us the game today. After they took the lead, we tried to find the equaliser but the final pass was missing. Borussia are also a really good side. It was a tough clash but we hoped for more from the game."

Benjamin Henrichs:

  • "In the final 30 minutes we put more pressure on and fought for an equaliser. However, Gladbach defended well and always got something in front of the ball. They took their chance and won the game. 
    We don't have much time to think about today's game with Paris waiting on Wednesday. We've done a short analysis and now we'll look ahead. Of course, as a new player it's not easy to carry out everything and get to grips with the style of play straight away, and we don't have much time to train at the moment. Therefore, we have to rotate in order to manage the workload."

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