Statement regarding incident involving Japanese spectators

Our statement on yesterday's incident involving Japanese spectators. RB Leipzig apologises for the mistake and would like to make amends.


Given the reaction to the incident in question, we would like to state that we have since met with the affected group, and have invited them back, as well as offered them our sincere apologies once again.

We would also like to take this time to highlight our values as a club. We stand for tolerance, integration and acceptance and are completely opposed to racism or discrimination in any form.

Our team unites players from 14 different countries and various cultures, which is something that we are proud of. During the incident in question, which took place within a heightened feeling of concern surrounding the highly sensitive issue of the coronavirus, our security personnel chose the wrong course of action, which is something that we openly acknowledge.

A statement from the leaders of the Japanese delegation and the participants in the yearly intensive course on sports business in Leipzig (sport coordinator and interpreter, Hideji Takahashi, chaperone to the group of students from the Mukogawa Women’s University, Professor Taro Ito, and the organiser and director of the course in Leipzig, Dr. Christian Hartmann):

  • “We were well aware at all times that this incident occurred due to the concern associated with the coronavirus, and not due to anything else. In accordance with that, we hosted a constructive dialogue on how to proceed. We are now focused on moving forward and to strengthening our partnership with RB Leipzig.”

Constructive dialogue between Hideji Takahashi, Dr. Christian Hartmann and Professor Taro Ito with representatives from RB Leipzig including Florian Scholz (CMO), Florian Hopp (CFO), Oliver Mintzlaff (CEO), Jens May (new COO), Ulrich Wolter (Operations Director) and Bärbel Milsch (Legal Director).

Club statement regarding incident involving Japanese spectators in the home game against Bayer Leverkusen:

"In accordance with recommendations from the Robert-Koch-Institute (General Principles of Risk Assessment and Recommendations for Course of Action at Large-Scale Events), the ground's security personnel had been instructed to intensify checks regarding the admission of certain groups due to potential risk. Unfortunately, in this instance, amidst the great uncertainty surrounding this topic, by which we are currently also affected, a mistake was made on our part with respect to our Japanese guests.

In light of this mistake, we would like to extend our apologies. We are already trying to get in contact with the fans in question to invite them to our next home game to try and make amends for the incident. As for our handling of the Coronavirus issue, we will continue to work thoroughly and on a daily basis with the authorities in order to try and reach the best possible solution for all of our guests."

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