Project VIII: Olmo fan package up for auction

RB Leipzig are running a charity campaign over several weeks featuring different projects | RB Leipzig and RBL fans raise €51,300 for Leipziger Tafel | #WirAlle ticket campaign raises €40,574 to support Leipzig-based football clubs | €33,025 raised for Straßenkinder e.V. | Donation of €31,370 to help Die Arche children's foundation | Project V helped four different institutions | Project VI raised over €30,000 for children's charity | Project VII sees the auction of Yussuf Poulsen's Denmark kit in aid of "Naechstenliebe" E.V

As part of the #WirAlle campaign, RB Leipzig has been running a charity campaign for several weeks now in order to support various local institutions. The club will contribute a minimum of €100,000 in total to the campaign.

Several projects have already helped raised funds. We began by helping the Leipziger Tafel, which helps feed and care for the needy, with an incredible €51,300. On top of our donation of €20,000, money was raised from players auctioning their football memorabilia and sales from limited-edition #WirAlle T-shirts, as well as your individual donations. 

Next we started selling virtual tickets to replace what would have been our home game against SC Paderborn, with a FIFA simulation of the match being streamed instead. We managed to sell 20,287 tickets for €2 each, therefore raising €40,574 for Leipzig Football Association's 81 clubs, with the funds being shared among them.

Our third project supported Straßenkinder e.V., who work to help children on the street. Again we donated €20,000 as a club, while further auctions for player memorabilia and your donations helped raise a total of €33,025.

Project number four raised money to help Die Arche children's foundation, who fight against child poverty in Germany. The club donated €20,000 to the cause, with money also raised from auctions for player memorabilia. Along with proceeds from the sale of our limited edition #WirAlle shirts and your donations, we have been able to donate a total of €31,370 to the foundation. 

Of course you can continue to donate to this wonderful cause:

Recipient: Die Arche
IBAN: DE76 1002 0500 0003 0301 36
Bank: Bank für Sozialwirtschaft

Our fifth project was aimed at helping four initiatives in one go:

  • Leipziger Oase homeless shelter
  • Die KiPPE - Leipzig street magazine
  • Tagestreff INSEL day shelter
  • TiMMi ToHelp e.V.

Each institution received a donation of €5,000 from RB Leipzig. Once again, player memorabilia was also be up for auction to help raise money, plus you can simply donate directly to the cause too.

Our sixth project is aimed at supporting the Leipziger Kinderstiftung, which is dedicated to protecting children in extreme poverty in our region and elsewhere. Once again, we got the ball rolling with a donation of €20,000. In addition, United Charity auctioned off two FIFA card, signed by Timo Werner and Dayot Upamecano. The final amout raised was a whopping €31,086!

With project number seven, we are looking to support "Naechstenliebe". Yussuf Poulsen is putting two signed, original Denmark kits up for auction. Yussi will then match the sum of the purchase with a donation of his own. You can find the auction of Yussi's kits via United Charity here. The total raised by project VII was €1,600.

Our eighth project will support an initiative launched by RBL fan group Zone 147, which is raising money for the Leipzig Wildlife Park. An exclusive fan package comprised a Dani Olmo jersey, a mini ball and a frisbee - all signed by Dani himself, of course!

More information on the #WirAlle campaign

Project VIII - Union of the Friends and Supporters of the Leipzig Wildlife park E.V.:

Donation auctions:

Via United Charity, we're auctioning off an exlusive Dani Olmo fan package! His number 25 jersey, a mini ball and a frisbee will be included - all signed by Dani himself!

Direct donations:

You too can support this great cause with a donation of your own:

Recipient: Verein der Freunde und Förderer des Wildpark Leipzig e.V.
IBAN: DE45 8605 5592 1100 7359 99
Bank: Sparkasse Leipzig
Reference: Spende Wildpark | Rasenball

About the WIldlife park:

Founded in July 2002 as a movement to increase the pull of the wildlife park for visitors, and to improve the conditions and care of the wild animals. The park's main goal is to raise awareness of local species and their natural habitat. Under the motto "experience something naturally", seek to educate locals on the question of the stability of the local ecosystem.


Project VII - Nächstenliebe E.V.:


Donation auctions:

Yussuf Poulsen auctioned two of his kits worn while on international duty with the Denmark national team. One of which he wore during the 5-1 win over the Republic of Ireland, which saw the Danes qualify for the 2018 World Cup.

Yussi also matched the price of the sales with a donation of his own. The auction took place here.

Direct donations:

You too can support "Nächstenliebe" E.V. with a donation of your own:

Recipient: Nächstenliebe E.V.
IBAN: DE95 8605 5592 1090 0045 71
Bank: Sparkasse Leipzig

About Nächstenliebe:

They were founded as a private initiative in May 2006 and has gone on to establish a vast network aimed at helping people in need. Alongside a meeting centre where study help is offered, the foundation supports social work in Leipzig, works with a youth centre and collects aid for Eastern Europe.

Project VI:

RBL Donation:

We're supporting the Leipziger Kinderstiftung with a donation of €20,000.

Donation auctions:

FIFA cards signed by Timo Werner and Dayot Upamecano were auctioned off for this great cause.

Direct donations:

Recipient: Leipziger Kinderstiftung
IBAN: DE05 8605 5592 1100 9798 98
Bank: Sparkasse Leipzig

Info on the Leipziger Kinderstiftung:

The Leipziger Kinderstuftung is committed to providing for children and young people in extrem poverty. They seek to protect the most vulnerable members of our society, both here in Leipzig and elsewhere. Whether it's putting a roof over their head, a warm bed, a hot meal, clothes, toys, books and study materials.



We will donate €20,000 in total, €5,000 to each of the four institutions:

  • Leipziger Oase homeless shelter
  • Die KiPPE - Leipzig street magazine
  • Tagestreff INSEL day shelter
  • TiMMi ToHelp e.V.


From Wednesday, you can bid for football memorabilia from the RB Leipzig players on the charity auction platform United Charity, with one auction running for each of the initiatives.


You can also donate directly to our four causes via transfer to the following accounts.

Leipziger Oase homeless shelter
Recipient: Diakonisches Werk Innere Mission Leipzig e.V.
IBAN: DE 64 860 205 000 003 465 050
Reference: Spende Leipziger Oase

Die KiPPE – Leipzig street magazine
Recipient: SZL Suchtzentrum
IBAN: DE15 8602 0500 0003 4637 01
Reference: Spende KiPPE

INSEL day shelter
Recipient: SZL Suchtzentrum
IBAN: DE15 8602 0500 0003 4637 01
Reference: Spende Tagestreff INSEL

TiMMi ToHelp e.V.
Recipient: TiMMi ToHelp e.V.
IBAN: TiMMi ToHelp e.V.
Reference: Spende TiMMi ToHelp


Leipziger Oase homeless shelter

The 'Leipziger Oase' is a day centre for the homeless in the centre of Leipzig, offering care, guidance and a place to sleep. Apart from a large kitchen and dining area, there are also rooms for social counselling, one-on-one talks and group activities. The centre also features a wood and plastic workshop, as well as a clothing collection.

Die KiPPE - Leipzig street magazine

Die KiPPE is a professionally produced magazine that is sold on the streets of Leipzig, as well as in restaurants, bars and pubs. The magazine is sold by people affected by poverty, who are homeless or under threat of homelessness. Selling the magazine gives them a chance to contribute to society and earn a living. With the coronavirus pandemic forcing them to stop street sales, they are more reliant on donations than ever!

Tagestreff INSEL day shelter

The Tagestreff INSEL shelter offers support to those affected or threatened by homelessness and people struggling to make ends meet, giving them a place to eat, shower, clean their clothes and get any counselling they may need.

TiMMi ToHelp e.V.

The institution aims to tackle several social problems, such as poverty, homelessness and reintegration into society, helping many different people from the homeless, migrants and refugees, to thoses receiving benefits and social care.

Florian Scholz (CMO, RB Leipzig): "We live in a great city with great people, and it's important that we support our city, now more than ever. We want to support our city via this charitable campaign, and are also calling upon our fans and supporters to help out so that we can weather this difficult situation together."

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