"We will look to challenge PSG!"

Head coach Julian Nagelsmann and Yussuf Poulsen spoke to the press ahead of Tuesday's semi-final against Paris Saint-Germain | Nagelsmann on the team's mentality, PSG's attacking power and his impressions from the sidelines | Yussuf Poulsen spoke about his new role at the centre of attack for the Bulls

On the eve of RB Leipzig's highly-anticipated Champions League semi-final match against Paris Saint-Germain, head coach Julian Nagelsmann spoke to the press about his side's winning spirit and PSG's attacking prowess. 

Striker Yussuf Poulsen was also in attendance to answer the journalists' questions.

Julian Nagelsmann on...

… the players' readiness:

  •  "The shortened summer break was good for our boys and I already felt in Leipzig, as well as during the entirety of our preparations in Lisbon, that the team are fully present. Given that we've played several games in a short span of time following the enforced break, you could see that several of the players were feeling the effects of that. But, they've since recharged their batteries and we're able to give it our all once again. It was a key factor against Atlético, and will be especially important once again against Paris. We need to have the desire, the hunger and the will to want to win this game! We're happy to have reached the semis, but the team wants to advance. That's the impression I got from training, as well as from our quarterfinal against Madrid. I'm also convinced that the team is up for it. We will be ready to go tomorrow in order to fully challenge our opponents." 

… Paris' attacking prowess:

  •  "I think it's unrealistic to expect to keep Paris, with top strikers, away from our goal for the full 90 minutes. They have a lot of quality in attack and it's normal that they manage to create good chances for themselves. It will be important for us to work as a unit in defence and to out run our opponents. As I already mentioned, I see that the team have the desire and self-confidence needed in order to find their way out of pressure. We have that quality. We're also able to keep possession." 


Julian Nagelsmann ahead of the UCL semi-final: "The team have the desire to advance!"

… having an impact from the sidelines:


  • "As a coach, you wish that you could have more of an influence from the sidelines. However, it's the players who need to find the right solutions on the pitch. I can only do my best to prepare the team for those phases and those key momens, and give them the tools to be able to make the right decision in those moments. However, it's rare that things happen exactly how you expect them to. I have to be realistic. But, I try to have the biggest impact I can on the team so that we are able to dictate the game in the way that we want to." 


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Yussuf Poulsen on ...

... his role in the centre of attack:

  • "I will have a different task ahead of me against Paris Saint-Germain than I did against Atlético. They play a different style and both the team and I will have to prepare ourselves for that. Paris play a more attacking style of football than Atlético, and I will have to adjust to that. I played up front with Dani Olmo in the quarterfinal and we did a pretty good job together."


Yussuf Poulsen on the upcoming match: "PSG have a different style of play than Atlético. We're prepared to face them."

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