Organisational protocol: Red Bull Arena home matches

Stadium split into three zones | Overview of hygiene regulations and further measures | Special access procedures

The Bundesliga resumes on Saturday, with Die Roten Bullen kicking off at the Red Bull Arena against SC Freiburg on Saturday at 15:30 CEST, in accordance with the guidelines set out by the DFL task force’s hygiene protocol. A summary of our organisational protocol for our home matches.

Stadium zones:

The area within and around the Red Bull Arena will be split into three zones.

Inside | Technical zone | Players' tunnel | Anti-doping room | Changing rooms

The stands | Level 5 concourse | Old wall | Media stand | Security hub

Outside the stadium (ends at the bypass) | TV compound

A maximum 300 people are allowed within these three zones combined, with a maximum 100 in each zone at any one time.

Hygiene regulations:

  • Everyone in the stadium must wear a face mask. The only exceptions are those on the pitch
  • A minimum 1.5m distance must be observed in all areas of the stadium. Again, the only exception is on the pitch.
  • The minimum distance must be observed during the journey to the stadium.



  • The changing rooms have been expanded and modified spatially. Furthermore, the referee’s dressing room will also be available to the away team and a new room for the referees has been set up.
  • The substitutes bench for both teams will also be expanded into the stands (accessible via temporary steps).
  • An additional anti-doping room will be made available for the away team.
  • Personnel within the stadium will be kept to a minimum, with no catering provided and media activities greatly reduced.



  • The Red Bull Arena can be entered exclusively via the main entrance, as well as via the north side/west building for TV personnel. All other entrances will be kept closed. Travel to the stadium is restricted to two people with face masks per vehicle.
  • A symptoms questionnaire to determine condition of health must be filled out upon entry and identification is required. Furthermore, a temperature check will be conducted upon entry using a forehead thermometer.
  • This applies for everyone except the teams and referees (they have their own hygiene protocol)
  • In addition, each person who enters he stadium (only those on an official list) will be given an explanation on basic hygiene measures (hand disinfection, cough/sneeze containment, minimum distance), as well as a special day accreditation. Season-long accreditations are no longer valid.
  • Body checks will not take place.


  • For the remainder of the 2019/20 season, clubs have decided that the number of substitutes allowed will be increased to five from three per team.
  • This was made possible after the International Football Association Board (IFAB) – the body responsible for the rules of the game – introduced the change. The clubs are restricted to three substitution opportunities per game, included half time.


  • Only four ball boys will be supplied for games. All must be at least 16 years old.
  • There will be no child mascots. Only a restricted number of media representatives will be accredited to enter the stadium.
  • There will be no mixed zone interviews and only three interview positions will be made available.
  • The post-match press conference will take place via live stream


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