"A driving force in times of crisis!"

RB Leipzig CEO Oliver Mintzlaff on continuing the league, the next transfer window and holding the Champions League

RB Leipzig CEO Oliver Mintzlaff took part in virtual media rounds, and discussed various topics, including the prospect of a return of the Bundesliga.

Oliver Mintzlaff on...

…the current situation within the club:

  • "Lots of investments that had been planned for the year 2020 have been revised. We'll bring in 20 million Euro less than we'd planned this year. We've reviewed all possible courses of action to ensure that this doesn't have dire consequences. The scenario we're working with is this; we'll play the remaining games this season behind closed doors and qualify for the Champions League group stages."

…playing the remaining Bundesliga fixtures:

  • "From our perspective, the best case scenario is to being playing on 16th May. We want to start playing again, but the decision has to be made by the politicians. We're taking no stance, other than that of wishing to be able to carry out the best case scenario. Indeed, we do have a plan for the continuation of this season, and are now waiting for the green light. I would like to emphasise that football cannot claim a special role. But it does play a significant economic role in society, and playing the remaining games, and the TV income thereof, is an essential part of the survivability of many, if not all, clubs."

…implementing the necessary health measures:

  • "Our team doctor Percy Marschall is carrying out tests for coronavirus on our players. These are then analysed in a lab in Berlin, and get back to us on Monday. In the event of a positive test, we must be practical. So we're supporting the idea of further testing after an isolated quarantine."

…the transfer window:

  • "We won't be selling any players under their value. We know when players' contracts are coming to an end and it's out of the question that any player, especially a key player, will leave on a free transfer. We have a great squad, with international talent. Should we not be active in the transfer market, we've got enough good players to do well next season. I can only partly see the necessity to sell. Our team has developed really well under Julian Nagelsmann and will get even better. So I'm relaxed going into the window."

...possible pay cuts for playing staff:

  • "This will have to happen on an individual basis and isn't so easy because of this. We'll speak to the team as soon as we know the situation for next season. But we're certain that both the players and coaching staff want to do their bit. I will try even harder to ensure that such matters are dealt with on a league-wide basis and intend to act as a driving force in this matter." 

...playing the Champions League:

  • "UEFA are looking into the matter and are in close contact with national associations. But we're being proactive and conversing with them too. We're sure that we posess up-to-date information. The cancellation of some European leagues means that some clubs are in a tricky spot., but I'm certain that the competition can be completed at a later date, so the affected clubs can take part. But no decision in this regard has been taken."

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