“Sustainability is the highest priority!”

Markus Krösche about our quarterfinal opponent’s confirmed Coronavirus cases and being adaptable when planning a squad.

On Tuesday morning, our sporting director Markus Krösche answered journalists’ questions on a Zoom video conference.

Sporting director Markus Krösche about…

… the Coronavirus cases at Atlético Madrid:

  • “Of course it’s very unlucky for a side when they lose their players just before such an important game. But Atlético Madrid have an outstanding team with high quality in all positions. The news hasn’t affected our preparations for the game in any way; we are preparing with the same focus on our opponent.

    I’m sure that there won’t be any more infections in this Champions League tournament. The hygiene measures in place have clear guidelines and the teams underwent comprehensive testing before arrival. Adhering to the rules is also the greatest priority for us at RB Leipzig, so we haven’t had to change our procedures or behaviour.”

… the format of the Champions League tournament:

  • “In my opinion, UEFA has made the best decision given the current situation. Even though the timing of the tournament in relation to the end of last season and preparations for the next season is clearly not ideal, I see it positively. It’s an interesting format and our focus is entirely on our quarterfinal match.”
Sporting director Markus Krösche: “The Coronavirus cases at Atlético have no influence on our preparations!”

… the mood in camp:

  • “The mood in Lisbon is super. The excitement is mounting and we cannot wait for the quarterfinal. It’s the biggest game in the club’s history and we will do absolutely everything to get to the semi-finals. The boys are motivated and are giving it their all in training.”
Our training base in Estoril: the home of Spanish second-division side GD Estoril Praia.

… his assessment of the opponent:

  • “Atlético are a very experienced side and are always one of the top teams, both in Spain and in the Champions League. They are very robust and defend superbly. However, head coach Diego Simeone’s side also win the ball back quickly and are then able to get themselves in a good position near the opposition’s penalty area. We need to combat that by being better in possession and playing well on the wings.”

… planning the future of the squad:

  • “The consequences of the Coronavirus pandemic have, of course, had an impact on our squad planning. We are now in a period of uncertainty. We don’t know how the whole economic situation will develop and what further influence this will have on football, including on RB Leipzig. We’ve had to adjust our original budget correspondingly due to the current circumstances. Sustainability is our highest priority; we must ensure that RB Leipzig is equipped for the long-term.”

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