"I hope that my contract extension is a good sign"

RB Leipzig defender Lukas Klostermann discusses his contract extension, simulating the atmosphere of a game behind closed doors and the current quarantine situation at Cottaweg

Defender Lukas Klostermann spoke about his contract extension until 2024, the atmosphere in a game behind closed doors and the current quarantine situation at Cottaweg in a digital interview on Sunday afternoon.

Klosti verlängert bis 2024

Lukas Klostermann on ...

… his contract extension:

  • "I think it was the right decision in the long term. I feel really at home here in Leipzig and I have been able to develop myself as a player at RB. I've also made it into the Germany squad too. I have the feeling that my journey here is nowhere near finished and I can continue to improve. I also want to win trophies with the club, and I'm confident we can do so."

 … further contract extensions in the team:

  • "Tyler Adams and Konrad Laimer have already signed deals before me, so I'm obviously hoping that this is a sign that more players will agree new contracts soon. In my opinion, if we stay as we are, we'll have a very strong and dangerous squad next season."

… simulating the atmosphere of a game behind closed doors:

  • "Having a training match in the stadium instead of on the training ground at Cottaweg was a strange feeling. It can definitely help us though, and it's good that we're already preparing ourselves for what to expect in the Red Bull Arena next weekend. We're not sure of how it'll exactly be on Saturday, but we will make the best out of it, as we simply just want to be playing football again."

… a higher risk of picking up injuries:

  • "Luckily, we were able to keep ourselves fit with individual work during the training ban. It's obviously a different level of fitness, as match fitness is a different thing. Nevertheless, I think we will manage our workloads well so that we can try and avoid possible injuries. I certainly don't have any concerns about injuries after our change to training conditions."

... the current quarantine situation at cottaweg:

  • "Yussuf Poulsen has brought some board games with him, including Viking Chess. We can play that outside, while maintaining a good distance. I think we'll get the most out of our time here together. We have a lot of video analysts, and I don't think we'll get bored."

… different tactics under Julian Nagelsmann:

  • "The change from right back to a centre half in a back three wasn't that big for me – we have always communicated well as a defence and we can work well with both formations. I'm happy with it and I think we will all benefit from more flexibility in our game in the future."

 … salary caps:

  • "I haven't thought about that too much. It's definitely worth thinking about though so that football can overcome situations like this one better in the future."

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