"A holiday won't harm any of us!"

Kevin Kampl interviews Konrad Laimer | Konni speaks about the break, the best stadium and his hometown Salzburg

The lads can finally enjoy their summer break! Before they left, Kevin Kampl asked his close friend Konni Laimer some tough questions.


Kevin: Are you knackered after the long season, Konni?

Konni: Yes, I noticed in the last few games that I was pushing myself. I don't think a holiday will be bad for any of us. I'm looking forward to having a few days off.

Kevin: What was more tiring, the coronavirus break or the weeks after with midweek fixtures?

Konni: Definitely the break for me. We didn't know when we would restart and we were always in suspense. I'm really happy that it all worked out and we were able to finish the season.

Kevin: What's the nicest stadium you ever played at?

Konni: I would probably say Tottenham's, where we played in the Champions League this season. It was really, really nice there.

Kevin: Which city is nicer, Salzburg or Leipzig?

Konni: As I'm born in Salzburg, I'll have to go with that. There's mountains there, which Leipzig doesn't have.

Die Roten Bullen sagen DANKE, RBL-Fans!

Train like a Red Bull!

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