"Our focus is on Thursday!"

Julian Nagelsmann sums up the team's first few days in Lisbon and looks ahead at what's to come this week.

Julian, we arrived in Lisbon on Saturday. What impression do you have of the surroundings here?

"The hotel is amazing and the amenities are great, even if we're not really able to use them because of the pandemic. Having a view of the Atlantic Ocean is nice, however. The training set-up is what's most important, and that's also amazing. We have a great pitch that permits us to train under optimal conditions and we're very pleased with everything." 

Even the players were all in a good mood ahead of the first training session! 

"Yes, the mood is good, the lads are having fun and they all believe that we can be successful. We now need to turn that belief into reality. That's what we're working on over the next few days in order to be well prepared for Thursday." 

How else are you preparing for matchday?

"We had a bit of an easy session on Sunday to allow the players time to recover after a tough friendly and the trip here. We'll up the intensity in training now, because we do need to see who will play. We have made several decisions already in that regard, but it's not complete yet. The player will have the opportunity to prove themselves over the next few days. We will focus on finding our rhythm." 

Atlético Madrid recently reported two positive Covid-19 tests within their squad. Will that have any impact on our preparations for the match?

"No. It will not impact our preparations in any way. We aren't letting the news affect us; we are continuing on as normal and will remain focused on Thursday.

UEFA have a protocol that dictates what to do. The clubs have been informed and the protocol has been implemented. There are regulations in place and if it remains at just the two cases then I assume that it will not have any consequences for Thursday's game."

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