"Peeling potatoes is really not easy!"

Our top goalscorer spoke with Kai Pflaume in an Instagram live chat about his daily life, his FIFA 20 line-up and being on TV

RB Leipzig top goalscorer Timo Werner caught up with German TV presenter Kai Pflaume, host of ARD's "Little vs. Big - the unbelievable duel, ahead of their meeting on Pflaume's show on Saturday (11 April). We have summarised the most important bits here.


Timo Werner on ...

… His day-to-day life at home:

  • "We players aren't exempt from the quarantine and are therefore at home a lot. Of course, I can keep myself occupied without intense training sessions, and am musing the time to keep fit and do some home fitness regimes.

    I've also started to enjoy going for walks, something that wasn't the case before. I also cook a lot with my girlfriend. What comes out at the end is always a bit questionable, but we enjoy it. You have to cook now, because the restaurants are all shut. You realise how hard it is to quickly peel a potato.

    But it's getting a bit boring without playing football."


... On the effects of not being able to train:

  • "I've lost weight, because I've lost muscle. I don't have a weight room at home, but I don't normally use one, so there's no big difference."


... His FIFA 20 line-up:

  • "I play Ultimate Team and have my own 99-rated card. I also have two or three legends in my team, like Brazilian Ronaldo. I get the ball to him, and everything works. He could do it all, was just a bit large. I'm pretty happy with the team."

… His appearance on "Little vs. Large":

  • "We already shot the show, I'm allowed to say that much. There are a lot of fun games to watch. It'll be worth tuning in. I tried a few of them at home afterwards, and can honestly say they're harder than they look on TV - peeling potatoes on time for example."

… Playing football darts in training:

  • "During the corona crisis, football darts would be a good option because we're only training in small groups. I'll have to suggest it to Julian Nagelsmann. It's fun, and we need to be really accurate."

... His current TV viewing:

  • "I started to watch the current season of Money Heist recently. I'm a really big fan of the show and have to say that there are too many more exciting shows. The twists and turns each season are so thrilling and really good."


Best of Timo Werner

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