"The lads are dealing with the situation really responsibly"

Sporting director Markus Krösche gave an interview on: his everyday work, communication with the players, the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on the summer break and RB Leipzig's current campaign.

The football world stands still. In Germany, the ball remains unkicked and no songs are being sung in the stands. However, even though no games are being played, work in the background continues. Our sporting director Markus Krösche gave an interview to provide insight on his current workday schedule and the effects of this unprecedented situation on training and the summer break.


Markus Krösche on ...

… His workday:

  • "Right now, we're at home a lot and keeping the kids active. But of course I'm in the office a lot and working out how we return to business after corona."

… Current topics:

  • "The near future is relatively heard to plan for, because none of us know the situation will look. But we're looking for bright people, who can help us on a short-term basis. We're also looking at how to improve our academy. So there's a lot of things to be discussed surrounding this."

… Communicating with the players:

  • "The boys are in constant contact with the medical staff. Furthermore, we're sending them videos of how we want to play, and videos demonstrating various strengths and weaknesses, so they're always receiving feedback. We're trying to find a good balance between recovery, fitness and learning, which can improve the players."

… The mood in the camp:

  • "The lads are doing well. Of course it's not an easy situation for any of us, but the boys are dealing with it really well and responsibly. Naturally we all want to be playing football and get on with our jobs, but that's not possible right now. But we're even more excited for it to get going again."

… The coming summer break:

  • "It's too early to speak about concrete impacts, but there will definitely be inquiries into this. It's strongly dependant on whether leagues and European competitions can be completed. Only time will tell."

… The #WirAlle campaign:

  • "Under the hashtag #WirAlle, there's lots of stuff on our website, which can ease your time at home. There are behavioural tips, but also challenges. Check it out."

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