"It's a love-hate relationship"

Konrad Laimer answers the fans' questions | "I will sit in a café and order five Cappuccinos." | "I'm happy that my dream has come true and I'm pleased to be where I am now.“ | "Timo and I have a love-hate relationship."

A first at our 'fan press conferences' in Leipzig! This time, two RB players were on the podium, with Kevin Kampl, who answered questions two weeks ago, acting as the interviewer for Konrad Laimer, with the Austrian answering the questions originally asked by the fans.

Konni talked about haircuts, Kevin's qualities as a press officer and his special relationship with Timo Werner.

Konrad Laimer on...

… missing his home country:

  • "We have a lot of beautiful mountains in Austria, and I miss some typical Austrian meals now and again, but I'm happy to be here in Leipzig."

… his plans for after the coronavirus crisis ends:

  • "I will sit in a café with my girlfriend and order five Cappuccinos, until I can't taste the coffee anymore! Other than that, I'm looking foward to being able to go out and meet up with friends. Like everybody else, I'm hopeful that we can get back to normal soon."

… the RBL player, who most needs a haircut:

  • "He's sitting next to me! Kevin's hair has been very long for a while now. He should be the first person in the barbers when they are open again."

… the Champions League win against Tottenham:

  • "Beating a top side in a sold-out stadium in the last 16 of the Champions League was an incredible feeling. It was a new experience for all us players, the club and the whole city. Making the next round has made me proud and I just hope that we get to play the quarterfinals now."

… games behind closed doors:

  • "We always want to play in front of fans, but we obviously want the season to continue. For a number of clubs, it's really important that the Bundesliga is back playing. Other people will have to decide when we start playing again and if those games will be played behind closed doors or not."

… his shirt number 27:

  • "There's a simple reason for that: I was born on 27th May. So Kevin, if you want to buy me something, it's not that far away."

… his favourite opponents:

  • "Kevin is always my favourite opponent in training because it's so easy against him (laughs). Personally, I don't have any favourite opponents. I simply want to beat whoever I am up against, whether it's in the Bundesliga, the Champions League, the DFB-Pokal or the swimmining pool."

… Kevin's qualities as a press officer:

  • "You're not a bad press officer, but I always knew that you were good at talking. If you do it a few more times, you could be good at it. You're still a good footballer at the moment, so I hope you've got a few years left in you yet."

… his childhood dream of becoming a professional footballer:

  • "I've always really enjoyed playing football. One day, I realised that I wasn't that bad. As a young boy, I used to watch football being played in sold-out stadiums. After that, it was my dream to do the same. I've worked hard for that dream every day. I fulfilled my dream and I hope that I play a lot more football, as it's just so much fun. I want to carry on developing as a player in the coming months and years, and I'm happy with the way my career has gone and that I'm here now."

… his best mate in the team:

  • "I do a lot with Timo and we get on very well. We have a good laugh with each other and it's a love-hate relationship (laughs).

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