"My biggest role model is my mum!"

Kevin Kampl answers the fans' questions | "I felt really great here from the start." | "I want to win the title." | "It never gets boring with Timo."

Your questions for our midfield engine. Kevin Kampl has regained his fitness after a long lay-off through injury and took time to answer the fans' questions.

As part of our "Fan Press Conference" series, Kevin spoke about the number he wears, his biggest role model and the funniest member of the squad.

Fit again! After a long injury break, Kampl is back on the ball, even if it's is only in training.

Kevin Kampl on ...

… his everyday lockdown routine:

  • "We're busy from 6:30 AM. Both of my kids are wide awake at that time. We play games, eat breakfast, then I go to training, come home and go for a walk with the boys and my girlfriend. We also cook tasty things to eat. When we're playing, you don't get much time at home, so I'm enjoying being able to spend time with my children."

… the number 44:

  • "My favourite number was actually always 8. But that was taken when I arrived in Salzburg. So I took 44, because 4 plus 4 is 8. The number then became a trademark of mine, and I hope I can keep wearing it throughout my career."

… the best and worst moment in his career:

  • "Losing the DFB-Pokal final against Bayern last year was tough. We really would've liked to bring the cup back to Leipzig. But there have been two particularly amazing moments: first, playing in front of 92,000 people in Wembley with Leverkusen; second, buying my mum a car with my first salary payment as a pro. Before that, she drove to training in an old VW Golf."

... his love for Leipzig:

  • "I'm the kind of guy who needs to feel really comfortable. Only then can I perform to the top of my ability. I felt great here from the start. It's great to live here and play for this club. We often go to the Rosental, and love the zoo. My son thinks it's great."

... his biggest role model:

  • "My biggest role model is my mum, who's brought up four children. We came to Germany from Slovenia as the family of a guest worker. My mum worked in a factory and still did well for us. She gave everything for her family without ever asking for anything." 

... his DJ career:

  • "It's hard to find the time when you have two kids. I'm also not in Solingen that often. That's where my DJ set-up is. But I want to keep at it. And when I have the time, I'll get back to it and try to improve."

... his goals with RB Leipzig:

  • "I want to win trophies. We almost did so last year in the final of the DFB-Pokal. Anything's possible this season, so I hope that we can finish all the competitions. It would be great for the team, club and city, if we were to bring a trophy to Leipzig."

... the funniest member of the squad:

  • "Timo Werner's a bit crazy and very funny. It never gets boring with him."
Best-of: Yussuf Poulsen

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