"Jorge told me to move to the Bundesliga"

We spoke to Dani Olmo ahead of the game against Cologne | About how he feels now football is back | The role of Cologne's Jorge Meré in his move to the Bundesliga | And the strange feeling of playing in front of no fans

The Bundesliga has been under way for two weeks now following an eight-week break. We about to Dani Olmo about the restart - and why the trip to Cologne is extra special to him. 

Dani, how are you feeling about the Bundesliga restarting after a long break?

I really missed playing football in the weeks i spent at home. It just feels really good to be back with the team again. It started in training, but the motivation is really high now! Now I'm really enjoying being back in Bundesliga action. 

You were in the starting lineup in the last two matches - what did you make of your performances?

Firstly I was just happy to be playing a competitive game again. But I know that there's a lot more to me I can show in the next two games. I continue working hard in order to improve myself.

Dani Olmo was in the starting XI for the second time since the restart against Hertha Berlin, but he says he still needs to work on his ability.

We're going away to Cologne on Monday, what kind of game are we expecting?

It won't be an easy game and they are a team who will make things difficult for us. After a sub-par performance against Hertha, we want to turn things around and get all three points this time. 

In summer 2019 you won the U21 European Championships with Spain. Also in that team was Cologne's Jorge Meré. Are we in for a special reunion?

I'm really looking forward to seeing Jorge again on Monday. The win with the U21s is the biggest achievement of my career so far, and we did it together. There's a connection there. 

He also helped me out with my transfer to Leipzig last summer. He recommended that I transfer to the Bundesliga and said it would be good for my development.

At Cologne Olmo will play against national team teammate Jorge Meré ...
... A special reunion for Olmo. Meré recommended the Bundesliga to Dani.

You will play again in a stadium without fans present - What effect does that have on your personal game? 

It's really strange without fans. The Bundesliga is known across Europe because it has such famous fans, but now they suddenly completely suappear. Of course you're lacking that boost and the extra motivation that you get from the audience's atmosphere.

Despite that, we're just happy to be playing again and will be content playing without fans for as long as it is necessary.

Preparation for the game in Cologne is already happening.
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1st June

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