Defeat vs. Dynamo Dresden

eFootball tournament with 26 clubs from the Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2 | Tom Krauß and Alex Czaplok lost 6-2 to Dresden on matchday 4 | Last week RBL defeated BVB 6-2

With German football still postponed, the Bundesliga Home Challenge continued this weekend. 26 clubs from the Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2 took part in the latest - and as of now, the final - weekend on the Playstation - with a wide array of eSports and professional players taking part.

After Nordi Mukiele had shown his FIFA skills in previous weeks, youngster Tom Krauß got his chance this week, however he lost 3-0 to Dresden's Justin Löwe. Alex Czaplok also lost his tie against Marcel Gramann 3-2, meaning RBL suffered a 6-2 defeat on aggregrate against fellow Saxony side Dynamo Dresden.

  • You can watch the games live here on our RBL Twitch Account
  • More info about the Bundesliga Home Challenge can be found here.


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