Orban and his teammates: What makes Die Roten Bullen tick?

Captain Willi Orban reveals in an interview which of his RBL teammates is the changing room DJ, who's addicted to their mobile phone, and how team bus driver Roland Hahn provided the biggest laugh of the season

As club captain, Willi Orban knows his team better than anyone. In an interview with the centre back, we find out who is the messiest, who's glued to their phone, and who's the changing room DJ. 

Willi, let's start by saying thank you for the music. Who is the changing room DJ?

Yussuf Poulsen. He always knows what's currently popular and we all like his mixture of techno, R&B and Hip-Hop. Jean-Kévin Augustin takes over the DJ role every now and then - he plays mainly French pop and rap music - which divides opinions in the changing rooms (laughs).  

Who's the tidiest?

Professional football players and tidiness don't really go hand-in-hand. But Lukas Klostermann and Marcel Halstenberg's lockers are usually the cleanest and tidiest. 

And who's the messiest? 

I could name almost anyone - Bruma, Jean-Kévin or Emil Forsberg. Yussi is also always leaving his stuff everywhere. And, of course, Stefan Ilsanker - he's not just got one locker, he's got three, and they're all overflowing with stuff, it's a nightmare.  

Who is the calming influence in the team?

I could say myself, but also Lukas and Péter Gulácsi. Péte comes out of his shell more and more with time - he's become a fantastic personality in the team. 

Who's the most obsessed with their mobile phone?

Kevin Kampl, Ademola Lookman and Yvon Mvogo. It's normal nowaday for people to spend a lot of time on their phones, but those three are proper 'junkies'. 

Who never messages the team Whatsapp group? 

Fabio Coltorti. Although, he did send something recently, but I didn't even know he had Whatsapp for a while. 

Who provided the biggest laugh of the season?

Roland Hahn (RBL team bus driver and a member of the kit staff) - at the second leg in Marseille. In stoppage time we conceded the goal to make it 5-2, which was a sad moment really, but a strange one as well: Roland ran onto the pitch to bring us our jackets that we put on at full time, even though the game wasn't over yet. Ilsanker went over to him and said "go away, go away!" Even though the result was disappointing, we had a good laugh about the incident after the game. 

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